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Convocation 2020

20-23 February 2020
Doubletree Hilton       Dearborn, Mi

I will be presenting the following workshop Friday, February 21st at 9 am.

Hope to see you there.

The Liminal Space 


Two Opposing Forces

We will explore the mechanisms that mediate between antitheses and transformation. In the liminal space between two opposing forces there emerges a third, something new and often unexpected. The paradoxical nature of liminality is that within it, the death of the old coexist with the birth of the new and within that is pure possibility. This class will be informative, practical and experiential.

  • abbathoniah

Ritual Drama

The role of ritual re-enactments has a long and rich history in many traditions. Festivals and processions in Ancient Egypt were ritualistic performances wherein the Gods and Goddess, Pharaoh and others enacted the myths. These dramatic public ceremonies were not theoretical or abstract. They maintained the order (Ma'at) of creation and were a meeting ground between worlds. The Titles of the Gods were used to not only invoke but the build the god into form. Periodically we have used ritualistic performances at Light Haven with a variety of intents including healing, restoration, renewal, teaching and inspiration. We enacted the following at Light Haven in 2005.

The Passion and Promise of Ausar

The Royal Path of Heru

The lights which have been dimmed are slowly raised. In the center of the room is an altar, and chair in Ptah is seated. Two chairs are near the gateway of the East, on either side. Around the north/eastern chair are four columns set with four goblets of water upon LED lights. The chair in the east/south position is surrounded by four fire torches. The music which was playing during the transition is lowered and there is silence.

Narrator 1: Hail to thee, thou who art great and old, Ptah Tatenen, father of the gods. The great god from the first primordial time, He who fashioned mankind and made the gods: who began evolution in primordial times. First one after whom everything else appeared. He who made the sky as something that his heart has created, who raised it by the fact that Shu supported it, who founded the earth through that which he himself had made, who surrounded it with Nun, the sea, who made the netherworld and gratified the dead, who causes Re to travel in order to resuscitate the Lord of Eternity and Lord of the Boundlessness, Lord of Life; he who lets the throat breathe and gives air to every nose, who with his food keeps all mankind alive. Ptah to whom lifetime, limitation of time and evolution all are subordinate, he through whose utterance one lives, he who creates the offerings for all the gods in his guise of the great Nun, to whom boundlessness is subordinate, breath of life for everyone who conducts the king to his great seat in his name, King of the Two Lands.

Narrator 2: What is this that I bear witness to? For behold, on this starry night the sun-folk are gathered in this, the Temple of On. Rejoice, oh lovers of the light! Praise to you and on this night let us lift our voice and the fires of our hearts that the light may take its rightful place and harmony restored!

Narrator 2: ( goes before the group seated in the North and says )

You the Upholders of Ausar, he who is Lord of Life, the triumphant over Death, will you empower the promise of everlasting life? ( Waits for response )

Narrator 2: ( stands before the group seated in the South )

You the Upholders of Heru, who rises like the lotus bud, the creator of the skies, is created down on earth. Will you empower the Radiant One so that the sky and the earth may be filled with beauty and all life enlightened? ( Waits for response)

Narrator 2: ( turns and walks to the west and facing the central altar )

The darkness lies upon the land and the hearts of men falter, Seth’s hand stirs the thoughts of chaos. Our mission is true, it must not fail! I ask that Tehuti would come that we may learn the words of power and the manner in which to utter them!

( Tehuti appears in the doorway of the East, light shines on his form. Tehuti stands for a moment in the light before striding out. The light goes off, Tehuti then stands between the altar and the doorway of the East )

Narrator 3: Son of Ra, Moon of beautiful risings, Lord of appearings, light of the Netjeru, Hail to you, Moon, Tehuti, Bull in Khnum, dweller in Hesret, who makes way for the Netjeru! Who knows the secrets, who records their expression, who distinguishes one speech from another, who is judge over everyone, Keen faced in the Boat of Millions, Courier of mankind, who knows a man by his utterance, who makes the deed rise up against the doer, who contents Ra, advises the sole lord, and lets Him know whatever happens, at dawn he summons in heaven, and forgets not yesterdays report.

Tehuti: I am Tehuti, whose knowledge and powers of calculations measured out the heavens and planned the earth and everything which is in them. I am the Lord of Justice, who judges a matter so that is may continue in being; who dispels darkness and clears away the storm. I nourish the sun-folk and give breath to him who is in the secret places by means of the power which is on my mouth.

( Tehuti then moves to the central altar and takes up the Book of Life and the writing tool in hand and move slightly toward the front and South/East of the Sanctuary beside a standing scale )

Narrator 2 – Upholders of Ausar and Heru, let us call to She who was not born from any god and sails in the Boat of Ra with Tehuti. Let all add their voice and call her sacred name, using the magic of the REN as we seek cosmic order and law to guide this action! Let there be Truth in all things!

( Begin to repeat the name Ma’at – after a few minutes Ma’at appears and stands in the doorway. Light shines on her – chanting of name is brought to an end AFTER Narrator 3 makes statement )

Narrator 1: Hail to you, strong in your power, may truth and justice prevail. Not born of any God, you are known by that which is straight. You who regulate cosmic order and are the companion of Tehuti. Ma’at the Presence of beginning and end, in all Times and all Worlds.

( Ma’at walks from the pillars and walks over and stands beside Tehuti and the scales, light in doorway goes off )

Narrator 1: O Holy Lord, You whose heart is clothed in infinite compassion, will you bless the Upholders in this action that their hearts, words and deeds be pure?

( Ma’at silently raises her hands and gestures to the scales )

Narrator 2: ( moving around the circle facing first the North and then the South saying )

Great Children of the Sun and the Moon and the Stars and the Earth, answer these questions straight and true!

- Do you seek mercy for all life? ( waits for response )

- Do you seek to embody compassion? ( waits for response )

- Do you seek to honor the Divine in Manifestation? ( waits for response )

- Do you seek to serve the Divine? ( waits for response )

( There is silence as Ma’at places the heart of the group onto the scale and on the other side a feather – the scales balance – she turns to Tehuti who writes in the Book of Life the result )

Narrator 1: So the living heart of these, the Sons and Daughters of the One are deemed worthy! Ma’at dwells in their hearts.

( The sound of a sistrum begins to fill the air )

Narrator 3: Behold, the sistrum of Het-Hert announces the coming of the Beloved Twin Sisters!

( The sound continues and then in the doorway of the West, standing side by side appear Auset and Nebt-het, the light comes on )

Narrator 3: Beloved Ones - Light and Dark, Dark and Light which are in truth but one. For the hair of Auset is knotted to the hair of Nebt-het. Weave your mystery of rebirth.

( Auset and Nebt-het walk forward, the sistrum continues as the Narrator speaks )

Narrator 3: Praise to you, Auset, the Great One, God’s mother, Lady of Heaven, Mistress and Queen of the gods. One who protects her brother and watches over the weary - of heart. Great of Magic, You who contains within yourself all powers both terrestrial and celestial. One with the star Sirius. Beloved Mother of Heru, Wife and Sister of Ausar. One who has the power of the throne. Auset, Holy maiden, give a sign of the things that are to be, lift your holy veil, disclose the divine mysteries. Let all gathered here in the Temple of On become bearers of the sacred vessels.

Praise to you, Nebt-het, Mistress of the House; Lady of Heaven, Lady of the Body of the Gods, Great Goddess, Lady of Life, Mighty One of Words of Power. One with the star and mystery of Sirius B. Beloved Mother of Anpu. Sister of Ausar, Wife and Sister of Seth. You who hold the essential alchemy, the power of death and transformation. The container of being, Nebt-het is she who is the sacred place, the life-giving womb and the enclosing tomb.

( Auset steps forward and the sistrum stops, a bell is rings )

Narrator 1: Auset, The radiance of Ra shines through you. Beloved of the Great Heru, created by Atum. Great Royal Spouse, Mistress of Flame who assaults the rebels, Who slays Apep in an instant. Uraeus of Ra, the Coiled One upon his head. She who provides divine offerings for the gods, and invocation offerings for the transfigured Ones. She is lady of Heaven, Earth, and the Netherworld. Having brought them into existence through what her heart conceived and her hands created. You who summons the Day-bargue. Bearer of the Ankh, the deliverer of the forces of the life contained within the form of Matter.

( The bell rings again and Nebt-het steps forward beside her sister )

Nebt-het, this is your declaration so decreed and recorded as you saith unto Ausar, whose word is truth: I go round about thee to protect thee, O brother Ausar, I have come to be a protector unto thee. My strength shall be near thee, my strength shall be near thee, forever. Ra hath heard thy cry, and the gods have made thy word to be truth. Thou art raised up, Thy word is truth in respect of what hath been done unto thee. Nebt-het the possessor of life in the Night Barque.

Narrator 2: ( She goes up and kneels before Auset and Nebt-het )

Here we are in your presence; we beseech you Mistresses of the Highest Magic to direct us now in the pulling down of the power that which must be, will be.

Nept-het: ( looking about the room raising up her arms declares )

Raise yourself, throw off your dust, remove the mask which is on your face, loosen your bonds.

I call to my beloved son, Anpu; guide of heaven and leader of souls to Ausar. Come to welcome thy father, Ausar and celebrate thy brother Heru.

( Auset and Nept-het begin a chant to Anpu, the upholders are encouraged to join them, as the chant builds, the light comes on in the Western doorway and Anpu stands and enters the Sanctuary. The sound of the chant grows lower, Anpu comes and greets his Mother and Auset; then stands with Nept-Het on one side and Auset on the other, the chanting draws to a close )

Narrator 1: All Hail Opener of the Ways! The Jackal from whom no way is hidden, the Walker in Many Worlds. You, the two-faced messenger of heaven whose face is alternately black as night and golden as day. You bring to this action the mystery of both light and darkness.

( Auset and Nebt-het look at each other and then at Tehuti and around the room – Anpu moves to a position near the Eastern doorway. Auset begins to chant, “Sa Sekhem Sahu” and Neb-het joins in, they walk around the room encouraging the Upholders to join in the chant – the chant continues with Auset and Nebt-het all of the Upholders chanting as the power is built – after the power has been built, Auset signals the chant to stop )

Auset: Your voice vibrates with the Breath of Life, Your Hearts are true to the Power of the Sacred and your Blood is filled with the Radiance of the Stars. So you have been heard and deemed acceptable, but before my beloved husband and son join you in form. She the Awakener, Lady of Transformation comes.

( As Auset is speaking, a drum beat begins, quietly at first, but after Auset’s declaration the drum beat becomes louder and faster. A lion roars, the lights on both doorways flicker on and off, then Sekhmet appears in the doorway of the East – she enters and strides about the room, pauses to look and then moves on, the drum continues until she comes to a rest standing in front of the central altar )

Narrator 3: Homage to thee, O Sekhmet-Bast-Ra, Thou mistress of the gods, thou bearer of wings, thou lady of the red apparel, queen of the crowns of the South and North. Only One, sovereign of her father, superior to whom the gods cannot be, thou mighty one of enchantments in the Boat of Millions of Years, thou who art preeminent, who risest in the seat of silence. Beloved companion to Ptah. Ruler of the Chamber of Flames. You who bring the precipitation of the fire of the sun, the cosmic fire snake, All Hail.

( A hawk sounds. Auset, Nebt-het, Anpu move to stand in front of the Western Gate. Ma’at and Tehuti move closer and stand on either side of the Gate. Sekhmet is moving about the temple, watching the skies and the upholders. The gong sounds and the light comes over the Gate. Heru appears, erect and holding the Uas, a light shines behind him as well as in front, he is clothed in light )

Narrator 1: All Hail, That which is above! Behold thee, the Sacred Heru, the praised One. Homage to Thee, for god is born and through his existence everything has begun. The sky and earth are filled with beauty. Every face is enlivened. You unite that which was shattered. You show yourself in glory on the throne of your father Ausar, found perfect before the Gods, in honor of your mother Auset, God’s Mother, Lady of Heaven. Thou hawk of the Sun, thou Lord of Light.

Heru: I am Heru, the great Falcon upon the ramparts of the house of him of the hidden name. My flight has reached the horizon. I have passed by the gods of Nut. I have removed my place beyond the powers of Seth, the foe of my father Ausar. I am the avenger of the unspeakable terror. My way is the royal way of the sun, the direct path of magical transformation.

( Heru enters the Sanctuary and stands, holding out the Uas. The lights in the doorway are still on. Auset moves to the altar, picks up the Ankh and then moves beside her son. Tehuti opens his book of life, with Ma’at at his side. A harsh, clanging noise sounds and the lights in the doorway goes out. Sekhmet is roaming about the Sanctuary on defense, Anpu and Nebt-het are standing side by side. Seth enters through the door of the music area – he strides toward Auset and immediately Heru jumps in front of Auset, his staff in a defensive position. Anpu comes to his brothers side. Sekhmet moves forward and crouches as if prepared to spring. Tehuti lifts his hand in a position calling for them to stop )

Nebt-het: Stop, my brother, my husband Seth. You are barren like your seed. No son I bore you for there is no life within you to give. You bring the inner darkness to the earth. Here, the light of Life and Hope shine brightly. For these Sun Folks are true of faith and strong of heart.

( Heru and Anpu move forward and Sekhmet begins to move as well, Tehuti steps forward )

Tehuti: Seth has purpose as designed by Atum and must fulfill it. Humanity must always have the right to choose the light or darkness. For hidden in this mystery is a truth. For if Heru is the ladder to heaven then it is Seth who holds the ladder. So it is so that Auset granted mercy to Seth and allowed not his death at the hands of Heru.

Ma’at: I see the balance brought into the world of Creation. The Rule of Balance must go on until humanity reaches its point of Divinity.

Anpu: Seth, be gone from this Sanctuary of Truth.

( Sekhmet moves forward and Seth half walking, half guided out by Sekhmet moves out through the music door. Sekhmet returns to the Sanctuary. Tehuti moves before Heru and Auset, opens the book of life and reads. )

Tehuti: And so it is recorded that on this day, in the Temple of On, Heru and Auset bless the Upholders with the nectar of the Gods

( Music begins to play in the background, Heru raises up his uas )

Heru: With this uas, the key of the Nile, I bring the blessing and responsibility to the sun-folk of the power of the flux of the word. For that of the great light which is in the birth canal of manifestation seeks expression. For this scepter is from the Tree of Knowledge and holds the power of the activity of creation.

( Heru walks over to the Upholders of Auset. Anpu stands behind him arms uplifted in the Ka position. Tehuti is busy recording in the Book of Life with Ma’at by his side. Nebt-het and Auset stand side by side. Sekhmet stands to the side watching the action of Heru. The music is building. Heru lifts his uas and brings it down, pulling down the power to the Upholders of Auset and then he and Anpu as well as Sekhmet move to the Upholders of Heru and institutes the same action. Anpu and Heru move and stand close to Auset and Nebt-het. Auset steps forward and holds up the Ankh, Nebt-het walks over and picks up aspergillum and stands beside her sister. The music continues in the background although somewhat lower )

Auset: I bring to you, my beloved ones, the divine love of life with air and water. I bless you with the breath of everlasting wisdom and the regenerating power of water.

( Auset and Nebt-het walk first to the Upholders of Ausar and blessings them with the Ankh and the water and then move to the Upholders of Heru and do the same. They then move back and stand with Anpu and Heru as the music fades away )

Tehuti: And so the consecration has been fulfilled to the satisfaction of all and Behold, the brilliant one, both of the rising and the setting comes!

( A bright light shines on the ceiling of the Sanctuary, there is sounding of music. Auset and Nebt-het move to either side of the West gate, their hands raised in salutation. Ma’at and Tehuti move closer to the gate. Sekhmet stands behind Ptah, her hand on his shoulder. Anpu and Heru stand together, Heru holding the uas in a position of salutation. Ausar stands in the gateway. The light goes off in the top of the Sanctuary and the light of the gateway comes on. His hands are crossed and the scepters, the heg and nekhakha indicating resurrection. The music is soft in the background as the narrator reads, dying out as the narration is complete )

Narrator 1: Homage to thee, O Ausar, the lord of eternity, the king of the gods, thou who has many names. The son of Nut, thou first born son of Geb. The company of the gods sings praises unto thee, and the starry gods of the Underworld bow down with their faces to the earth before thee. O thou glorious master, thou lord of masters, who art endowed with divine rank and dignity. Thou establisher of Ma’at throughout the lands. King of eternity, Lord of Everlasting, who passes millions of years in his lifetime. Praise be unto thee whose forms are manifold and whose attributes are majestic, The Lord of the Hidden House, thou guide of the Underworld, Hail, thou restful leader. Take possession of thy Shrine.

( Ausar walks into the Sanctuary and stands in the light of the doorway which remains on )

Ausar: I am he who is seen. I am renewal of life and promise of resurrection, I am he who strides across the skies and I bring to you generative power. My Divine essence is the ferment of perfection. With my two scepters I bring the call and the way for you and for all that is, all that has been and all that will be.

( Ausar moves and stands in front of the Eastern gate. A few feet away on either side are Nebt-het and Auset, facing him, their arms held in ceremonial stance. Tehuti has opened his book of life and begins to write )

Ausar: With the Heg ( he holds up the crook ) I acknowledge the guardianship that this Temple of Atum Ra bears to both this world and beyond. With the Nekhakha ( he holds up the flail, with the three streams ) I proclaim the responsibility of the Hierophant to teach dominion over matter, control of feeling and domination over thought! ( He holds out the scepters for a moment and then crosses them again )

( Heru comes and greets Ausar and then he is joined by Tehuti, they move to the throne at the east/south position and Heru is seated. Ausar is joined by Anpu and they move and Ausar is seated at the throne in the north/west. Ma’at joins Sekhmet and stands on one side of Ptah, with Sekhmet on the other. Auset moves to the central altar and stands in the South before the Upholders of Heru, Nebt-het moves to the central altar and takes the position in the North, before the Upholders of Ausar. A singing crystal bowl sounds, then Ptah speaks )

Ptah: I am the Father of Beginnings, the creator of the eggs of the Sun and the Moon. I am the living Spirit in the house of human flesh. In your Spirit I am satisfied and so I bring to this sacred act the materialization of metaphysical principles.

( Nebt-het picks up a basket with cypress branches and sycamore. Auset picks up a pillar candle, one of many and lights it with a taper and holds it up )

Nebt-het: This cypress brings the promise of resurrection and renewal. The Sycamore wood, the tree in which my beloved brother Ausar was entombed, carries with it the Wisdom of the Tree of Life. Anointed with Elemi oil, it calls for that which is above to be below.

Auset: This fire is the fire of protection and strength for the newborn light. It brings illumination to light up minds that are chained in darkness. It purifies intentions that are now driven by greed and misunderstanding. The fire of the heart is kindled and renewed.

( Nebt-het and Auset begin a chant that holds the energies called for. The upholders join in )

Narrator 2: Come forward Upholders of Ausar, bring the gift of Cypress and Sycamore to the feet of Ausar that blessings they hold will be distributed to the world ( narrator 1 begins to get the upholders moving to pick up a piece of cypress or sycamore and to lay them at the feet of Ausar and return to their seats, all the while the chant continues and Narrator 2 moves to the South ) Come forward Upholders of Heru, the magic of fire is needed.

( Narrator 2 comes forward and directs the Upholders of Heru to get a candle from Auset and place them at the feet of Heru. The chant continues until all have returned to their seat )

Auset and Nebt-het: (they each pick up a small bowl with lotus seeds and together they say)

With these lotus seeds we invoke cosmic harmony.

( They sprinkle the seeds around the feet of Ausar and Heru )

Tehuti: ( steps forward and opens the Book of Life and saying )

The Bennu has this night been reborn.

( Auset begins to chant Bennu Bennu On Bennu Bennu. All join in with the exception of Ausar, Heru, Ptah, Sekhmet and Ma’at. Narrator 1 gathers the Upholders of Ausar and guides them out of the Sanctuary. After the Upholders of Ausar have left, Narrator 3 then gathers the Upholders of Heru and guides them out of the Sanctuary. All the while the chant continues. )

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