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Drawing Down the Fire of the Gods

This ritual invokes the five fires within and calls down the five cosmic fires to heal, purify, enliven, expand and inspire.  This ecstatic ceremony invokes self- transcendence which opens new pathways of consciousness. A cohesive container is created with clear intent and then drumming, movement and chant are utilized to facilitate this powerful and unique working. Ceremonial garb is recommended but not required.


Ritual with Khepri

In Ancient Egypt,  Khepri was one of the four main forms of the sun god, Ra. Khepri is associated with the young sun of dawn and is linked with the creative power of the heart.  Khepri means “to become” or “to be transformed”.  Kheperu were changes or transformation and Khepri was the one who transformed. In this ritual, accompanied by Khepri we will enter the shrine of the heart and access its wisdom to both guide and reveal.  Ceremonial garb is recommended but not required.

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Healing and Renewal with the Nagas

The rich history of Nagas and their interactions with humans is found in myth, art, and sacred text.  My experiences with these Beings have proven to be mystical, magickal and healing. We will call upon the power of the celestial and terrestrial Nagas to create the opportunity for healing and transformation.  Using ritual we invoke the restorative force of the Nagas, clearing obstructions and facilitating healing.  Drums, mantra, and movement are utilized to advance this magickal work. Ceremonial garb is recommended but not required.


Ritual of Healing with Ausar, Auset, & Heru

In this healing ritual, we call on Auset (Isis) in her title at Great of Magic, Ausar (Osiris) as the renewal of life and promise of resurrection and Heru, (Horus) as the Solar deity and protector. This ancient triad of force and cosmic principles will be utilized to support the healing of self, family, and community. Ceremonial garb is recommended but not required.

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Shamanic Harmonization

Shamanism is not a religion but a direct experience over and over again with the Great Mystery in service to others. We will draw upon the energies of the universe and reweave them through trance, dance and the power of intention.  We will bring energies into harmony and balance, creating a harmonious connection between the visible and invisible worlds. Ceremonial garb is recommended but not required.


Ritual of Transformation with Sekhmet

Sekhmet, “The Powerful One” is one of the oldest known Egyptian Deities. Sekhmet is seen as both a creative and destructive force, she is the healer, warrior, protectress and great in magick. The names and epithets of this great Goddess are many and include; “Sekhmet, Great One of Magic,” “Awakener,” “The Source,” “Powerful of Heart,” and “Sekhmet, Who Gives Joys.” In current times she has captivated the interest and attention of occultist who finds that the work of this Lion-Headed Goddess is life-altering. Ceremonial garb is recommended but not required.

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