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Heka is the name for magick in Ancient Egypt and it is the inherent magical energy found within living beings.  Heka can be seen as the creative force or life-giving energy connecting the symbols of life with the universe. It is a subtle tapestry of energy, which when used effectively allows the work of magick.  It can be perceived as the animating and manifesting force of every ritual act. Heka, a gift from the sun god, Ra is a manifestation of his creative energy. My intention in this class is to provide you with information about Heka as well as a formula to more effectively access and utilize this power.


She Who Breathes The Throat

A contact that I work with who identifies as “She Who Breathes the Throat” has a particular interest in creating new pathways in areas of the mind and gnosis.   The focus is on the movement of consciousness.  The work includes a sensory component in that you will be taught to experience both being present and simultaneously moving through the inner levels while maintaining a sense of your Greater Self.  This class will include techniques of shifting consciousness and exploration of gnosis, a principle that sparks the imagination.  Our work will include a sigil and possibly direct contact with "She Who Breathes The Throat" to achieve a group movement of consciousness that will create a pathway that you can subsequently follow at later times if you desire.


When Two Worlds Touch 

There are those times in life and ritual space where time and space is transcended. We stand in the threshold between the sacred and the profane. Insight, inspiration, cosmic love and guidance are sparked. A bubble had been created on the sea of unconsciousness and within it pure consciousness resides. All too soon the bubble burst and dissolves back into unconscious content leaving us with the nagging feeling that something precious has been lost or forgotten. But the mind may be opened creatively to these new possibilities and instructed with the deeper levels of inner landscape held within the bubble.  This class will explore ways to foster consciousness to allow that bubble to rise up intact and to create a noticeable change in consciousness.


Lions And Serpents

There is a long and unique relationship between the Lion and it’s polar opposite the Serpent. The archetype of the serpent is traditionally cold, chthonic and moist against the lion as warm-blooded heat and fire. Symbolically they are sometimes depicted peacefully together and other times in opposition. This class with explore these two vast and intricate expressions of frequency whose face is that of the lion and the serpent.  You will also be taught how to safely and effectively work with them as pillars using a formula that forms a gateway. 


Magickal Imagination

This much discussed tool is used to change consciousness as well as to contact the forces of life behind the universe is spoken of often. And yet, imagination still remains a source of confusion and frustration for many occult students. We will ‘unpack’ imagination, looking at history and how the mind learns. We will explore the psychological implications as well as why imagination is a cornerstone in magick. In addition, we will look at techniques and challenge the perception that they someone cannot improve their current level of imagination.


Trees and The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life

The cosmic tree appears in religions, mythologies, paintings, and dreams around the world. The vast, creative inner truth of the tree extends itself outward capturing the human imagination.  We have learned that trees communicate and send each other nutrients via a network of latticed fungi buried in the soil.  Enchantment calls us to a special spirit in community. We will explore the lessons the tree offers us to re-enchant our lives and the world.


Ausar, Auset, & Heru, 

The Beloved Triad

Ancient Egypt evokes respect, curiosity, and mystery in the Western Mystery Tradition.  Ausar, Auset, and Heru, (better known as Osiris, Isis, and Horus) became a favorite and beloved triad of the people of Ancient Egypt. These Neteru, universal principals and powers are still called upon to this day. This class will provide an overview of Ancient Egypt and a deeper understanding of this family unit of hope and transformation that transcends time and culture.


Solar Monarchy

Ancient solar dynasties trace their heritage back to a principle, a cosmic intelligence that reflects pure spiritual light and formulates the Law (Dharma) appropriate to our cycle of existence.  Their function is that of mediator, the builder of bridges and establishing communication between this world and the higher worlds. In addition to teaching we will have an experiential portion.


Preparing Mind, Body and Spirit for Human Interaction with The Divine

This class was inspired as a result of a class discussion about the history of human interaction with the Divine. How does one prepare and maintain clarity, flexibility of consciousness, and simultaneously boundaries?  When one touches and is touched in the realm of the gods, angels and other spiritual beings there are significant potential benefits, but also pressures and pitfalls. What do those look like?  How does one navigate this uncharted territory?


The Numinous

The divine hides even as it is revealed. Numinosity opens us to a mystery that is awesome and entrancing. Glimpsing a world that transcends our metal universe of the data and logic may produce within us a powerful longing to come close to the eternal presence felt in moments ranging from extraordinary breathing taking experience in nature to a visionary ecstasy. 



      with Spirits         Giving & Receiving

This class focusses on some of the different ways relationships with our guides, teachers, gods, and goddesses manifest. We will explore reciprocity; the give and take, how and why to cultivate reciprocity. We will look at the history of hospitality as well as expression in different traditions. We will learn about the creation of sacred space, sacrifice, as well as giving and receiving. Our exploration will include how to build a relationship as well as maintain them. Through right relations, we achieve balance and thrive.


Animal Spirits

Animal spirits are helping spirits in animal form who are able to transcend the abilities of that animal in its ordinary existence. They express theri power through the spirit of the entire species of that animal. Animal spirits are also called guardian spirits, spirit allies, spirirt helpers, power animals, totem animals and titelkary spirits. Our morning discussion with is on how to work with and deepen your relationship with these allies.

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