Convocation 2020

20-23 February 2020
Doubletree Hilton       Dearborn, Mi

I will be presenting the following workshop Friday, February 21st at 9 am.

Hope to see you there.

The Liminal Space 


Two Opposing Forces

We will explore the mechanisms that mediate between antitheses and transformation. In the liminal space between two opposing forces there emerges a third, something new and often unexpected. The paradoxical nature of liminality is that within it, the death of the old coexist with the birth of the new and within that is pure possibility. This class will be informative, practical and experiential.

  • Aeptha

Between The Worlds / Sacred Space Joint Conference

April 9 -12, 2020

Delta Baltimore Hunt Valley Hotel 245 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21031

The Sacred Space Conference is an annual event organized by the Sacred Space Foundation. The Between The Worlds Conference is held every several years when the stars indicate that such a gathering is needed and favored. BTW is organized by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.

In the years that it has been held, this event has been a high point of my magickal year. I look forward to attending, presenting, and meeting new and old friends again this year. I encourage you to check out the program and join us. It is an opportunity to conveniently meet many authors you have read and teachers you may be curious about in one dedicated location. Join us!

Register for both events here:

Conference page on Facebook:

These are the programs that I am participating in or presenting during the conference.


Working With The Spirits Friday, April 10th 9:30 - 11:15 am

A discussion of personal experiences with Spirits, God/dess/es, Angels, Orishas, and the like. The value, challenges, and risks of work with the spirits will be considered. Comparisons, contrasts, and similarities between experiences with different types of beings will be explored as well.

— Aeptha, Baba No Ke, Jesse Hathaway Diaz, Jason Miller, &  Diana Paxson


Light Within and Celestial Light Saturday, April 11th 4:45 - 6:30 pm

The Light within is the Divine Spark which resides in the seat of our Consciousness. In this ritual, we invoke Ra to empower, enliven and arouse this Light.  In ancient Egypt, Ra was the beloved and all-powerful Sun god.  Ra’s epithets include ‘Luminous One’ and ‘Far-Reaching’. With this amplified Inner Light that rises from the Fire, we will ride the serpent to encounter Atum, known as “The Great He-She”.  This primordial creator god’s earliest depiction is that of a serpent who emerged from the waters of Nun. One of Atum’s most evocative images is that of riding a serpent into the stars.  Atum is associated with the setting sun and it is here, in this numinous space that we will seek an encounter with Celestial Light. We invite you to this unique exploration of the Solar Mysteries in this ecstatic ritual. Ritual garb is optional. 


Crossroads/Thresholds/Gateways Sunday, April 12th 9:30 - 11:00 am

 Liminal deities are known to aid the seeker and are found at the crossroads, thresholds, and gates to the worlds. These deities provide teaching on occult secrets, protection and guidance on initiatory journeys.  We too have gateways within our inner landscape where we hold the pillars of our reality.  Our pillars of polarity create a dynamic tension where betwixt and between a transcendent potential exist. Here is the meeting ground with the unseen, where the numinous resides and initiation occurs.   By learning to recognize and navigate these currents we gain power and open to a deeper possibility with the Keeper of the Crossroads we seek within our traditions. Join me to explore this state of pure possibility and open new areas of mind.

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