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May 2018
Sun May 6 Service Water; it's Mystery and Magick - The element water is versatile and is known for its healing and life giving properties. It is used as a transformer and in the initiation of the mysteries. Our bodies are over 90% water and water covers most of the earth. There is a dance between the waters and moon. Our morning discussion with be around this powerful element. 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun May 6 Class Ceremony Honoring Yemaja - Yemaja is a magnificent aspect of the Divine Mother. She is known by many names and is primarily considered and African-Brazilian Goddesses. Yemaja has followed her people to many far and distant parts. She is the source of all water, all life. Yemaja; The Mother of Dreams and is the bringer of new creation and new energies. Join us in this sacred ceremony of renewal, healing and honoring. Ritual garb is requested in accordance with your tradition. Loaner robes are available upon request. The cost is $50.00
Sun Jun 3 Service and Class

Final PUBLIC Service and Class:

Celebrating Light Haven: Past, Present and Future

Join us in this last public service for the near future as we celebrate Light Havens' twenty fifth birthday and we bid farewell to our current location. We will begin at 11:00 with a slide presentation of Light Havens' rich history which starts with our first location in Charlotte. We will share our stories, memories and our plans for the future.

Light Haven will provide a light lunch prior to our ceremony. Our ritual will be in true Light Haven style as we honor what has been; bid farewell and clear the way for what is to come. Ritual garb will be white or in your traditions' garb. Loaner robes are available upon request.

Map and Lodging Options